Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Another day has come!

Starting this day with a brand new spirit! Realizing that I’m more than what am I expected to be! It’s because an old friend of mine, Duiiiiii, a junior High School friend when I was  on the second grade. 

I thought at first, I was a rebel, a students who often comes late (as a note I live in an suburban area, 17 kms away from my school, with a very bad road n a very RARE public transportation). Yesterday he made a confession, he said that I was his rival on struggling to be the second position of the class rank. I was shocked? I totally forget that I used to be “seseorang” in the class n be a member of the class rank. I thought I just having a great fun during my junior school. Spending my spare time in the library or canteen. 

His confession waking me up! Well, I used to fight, struggle to achieve my dreams, though the dream wasn’s easy to achieve (for me). He wakes me up! I can do more than what I expected to be. And I regret for my silly fault! I wasn’t confident at that time. I just keep on quarelling, having a chat with my friends and I paying no attention to myself! Abandoning the human needs of being socialized and having only few friends. 

Thanks Duiii, I will remember that my junior high wasn’t that horrible. I’ll remember that I have an achievement that I should proud of! And here I am now, being Ratih who is more than what I expected to be! And breaking my own limit boundaries! Glad to know you pal !!!!!!!

 ####Duiiiiii Hariyanto Nugroho / R-halfblood prince, a friend, a rival####