Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Bye bening

Everyone has set their life resolution at the beginning of January or some at the end of December. But I set my own resolution nearly the end of January. Well, I’m a javanese who really do the common saying in Javanese “alon alon waton kelakon” Better late than nevaaa, ehm never maksudnyaaa.

And this is it, the first thing to do is deleting bening  from my life. I’ve been curious for a long time about this bening.  But several days ago  I met a best friend of mine, surprisingly, we discussed bening.  It’s a relief knowing that bening didn’t come intentionally in my life. Bye bening, you’ve tought  me to be a better me! Thanks for teaching me to treat my mom n family better, thanks for reminding me to remember Allah in every single occasion, thanks for all the best ever discussion. Bye

###### Maunya pengen ganti semua-mua yang ada beningnya jadi setyo ratih aja. biar bener2 reflecting myself, ehhhhhhhhhh ternyata bening-nya ga bisa diganti semua ########

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