Saturday, September 19, 2015

Recalling my past memories

Being up side down

For the last two days I feel uncomfort with my own decision, my life, my life and my life. Yup, my life. Feels like I've lost a piece of the puzzle in my life. Kinda incomplete. It's not about other, its all about me. I've done many works but I know that I didn't do my best. I've tried my best to manage my time well but then I realize I haven't arranged it well. O my.... What happen with me???

My hubby???? He wouldn't complain about me unless I've drowned too much on googling... maapken yooo mas! Khilaf. Google has given me a bunch of excitement that I couldnt leave behind. 

My sleeping time??? Whooopsssz, I cant even remember when did I have my super qualified sleeping time. It affects to my health condition. 

Then, I realize I need to refresh myself!!! I need to manage my time well. I need to have a very qualified sleeping time to boost my health condition. I need to throw away all my daily routine. Take a very qualified bed time without any gadget around.

I remember when I was on my teen age. I don't have any gadget, but my life is much better. I got many incredible moments by reading "LUPUS"? Is there anyone out there remember about this name. Lupus and Lulu has given me lots of laughter. Love the way Lupus solve the problem.... another book I love is "Wiro Sableng" yup, my brother gives me a very great influence. What else? Ooops I cant remember the rest. Oh dears school library used to give me that excitement. But now, gadget has taken the important part of the library,,,, other reading material, I love love Shinichi Kudo...... I remember when my mom got angry to me when she found a comic in my room. Maaf njih Bukkkkk..........

What about movies? O I love Dawson's creek much..... love the songs. Other movie, I'm tiny I'm Looney I'm a litlle Looney. Yupp!! Looney Tunes. Dark Angel, MacGyfer, The crow , Sailormooon .
how about sinetron? There are a lot of sinetron I've watched, But I cant remember one

What about songs? There was a program in TV called Clear Top 10, it was gorgeous!! I fell in love with BSB, 911, Boyzone, MLTR, Sheila on 7  (gees, i'm crazy on this group),

I want to torn back the time, I want that excitement back

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