Thursday, March 26, 2015


This is the forth ehhh fourth year we belong together

It’s such a great number for us since we haven’t realized that we’ve been through this marriage for that plenty days, yet. And I always feel blessed for being with you. We’re not making such a great achievement (yet), but I’m sure both of us have already gained many hilarious  moments which gonna be something we proud of in the future, iyakan mas Riza???

Do we have something great to celebrate? A candle light dinner (like in korean dramas)? Showering me with an abundant gifts? Nope! Well he’s not such a romantic man who will spend the time to arrange such an imposible thingy.  Early in the morning, we just stared at each other and said those magical words then he asked me to go to the bookstore next month. To chill him out since he had such a busy weeks lately. HHweaalah, I thought he would give me something special *_* but then he gave me a real him. Celebrating something special (to me hiks hiks) by doing ooooh sooo ordinary one “HUNTING BUKU”.

Still, I feel blessed to have you. Matur nuwun gusti Allah! Allowing me to be with him. Mas Riza-my man, my soul, a husband to share the joy of my life.

Happy anniversary to all the couples who celebrate the marriage anniversary on 26 March, May happines springkle for the entire years

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