Saturday, September 12, 2015


According to somebody someone's review this is a must have item for those who doesn't have  bold eyebrows, like me. Well, then I was totally curious about this product. Unfortunately when I bought some items in TOKO POPULER MADIUN I  asked the beauty advisor of Sariayu whether this product available or not. Then, after several minutes, the beautiful mbak BA of Sariayu gave this one to me.

Since i feel totally curios about this product, it wouldn't take a long time for me to try this product.
Let's see the package, U-N-I-Q-U-E 
Yep, it was the first time 4 me seeing this kind of package. It's a triagular. Zoom-zoom, see this product is a local brand, but was made in Korea.......

What's inside the box?
it's only a pencil 
What's inside the box? A pencil eyebrow of course.......but I do love the appeareance of this eyebrow.

The left side is the Automatic eyebrow, and the right one is the brush (see the pic below)

The brush of this eyebrow  is kinda mascara


And again, another triangular shape. 

Left: Sari Ayu Natural Black // Right Unbranded eyebrow Black

What I love:
  • SariAyu Automatic eyebrow pencil "Natural Black" gives me a natural look, well I usually find a very bold black. It gives me my dream eyebrows. Not too bold, just enough.
  • There's no need to whittle. I'm not really good at it.

What I hate:
  • It's quite pricey . its about Rp 50.000,-, since I usually only spend Rp. 20.000 for a eyebrow pencil (Viva)
  • The cap of the brush and the eyebrow are very fragile! Take a good care on it, dear!

my bare eyebrows, jarang jarang n tipiiis

a sheer swatch of sariayu automatic eyebrow pencil #natural black; cuma diisi ga dilukis full, karena memang ga bisa membentuk alis yang curvy

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