Friday, November 7, 2014

Stuck in a moment

Have u ever feel that you do almost exactly the same activity everyday? I do

Have u ever think that all the things u do is boring????  Me? yesssss

Wanna do other activity?? Yup tapi apa??

Sometimes i feel confused

everytime I do what I want, People expected me to do the contrary

And when I do what they expected me to do, I feel uncomfort. Kinda a big hole in my mind.

Ga nyaaaamaaaannnnnnn

Dan Akhirnya ikutin tips dari mas suami ajah,,,  dibawa tidur. Bangun tidur pasti berasa nyaman. 

Lucky me, having a husband like u
Well, U know how much I love u pak riza
Lha stuck in a moment nya diapain? Ya sama, dibawa tidur aja hehe

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