Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The pink debaters

Last Saturday, Nov 14 was an awesome day.
It was the first day for K@nesma debaters team join the EDSA, an English Debate Competition held by IKIP PGRI Madiun.

ki-ka; Hanifah, Yona, Endang, Yurinda, Nurul and Bryan

The main debaters are:
  1. Bryan Pratama
  2. Yurinda Kanifah
  3. Yona Putri
And the spare debaters are:
  1. Nurul Ajeng
  2. Hanifah
  3. Endang Tri Lestari
The teachers are: Pak Juri, Pak Suparna, Bu Etik and me ^,^

These are the motions of the 4th English Week English Department Student’s Association IKIP PGRI Madiun. Those motions were released several days from the competition, so each team were able to prepare it.

Motion : LAW
  • THBT Indonesia law enforcers who commit crimes should receive harsher punishment.
  • THW legalize the distribution of liquor.
  • THW ban all of sport events supported by cigarette enterprises.
Heading : SOCIAL
  • THBT society is the best punisher.
  • THBT social media is not a prompt media to accomodate citizen’s aspirations.
  • THW authorize same sex marriage.
Heading : ECONOMY
  • THW authorize regulations to give amnesty for all tax embozzlers.
  • THBT the economy policy packages are the best solution.
  •  THBT Indonesia is in economy crisis.
Technical meeting
There were 23 team participated in the EDSA. So there were 12 teams did the debate with each opponent. Since there was 1 team had no rival, there's a need to have a swing team. Well on the first day was the Preliminary round, there were 3 rounds. All of team debating 3 times on that day. At the end of the day was announced the big 16. Those 16 teams continued debating on the second day (Monday, 15 Nov 2015) to have the octo, quarter, semifinal and final debate. How about the rest team? They  went home.
There was unpredictable thing happened on the technical meeting. The MC said that the debate applied the ASIAN PARLIEMENTARY DEBATE, allowed the POI, and each speaker was given 7 minutes to give the argument, and 4 minutes for Reply Speech.

I was Shocked. our team was prepared with Australian debate, we know nothing about this Asian. Nevertheles, there's no information about this in the brochures.
But still, the debate would apply those rules. Our team decided to try the competition though we know nothing about those rules.

The First preliminary round.
Our team against SMA 1 MADIUN (SMASA). The motions was taken from the  three heading above. Our team was lost, but that's OK. Lha wong pertama kali kenalan sama ASIAN Debate, pertama kenal POI.

K@nesma Vs SMASA Madiun. Preliminary round 1
The chair person and the time keeper 1st round

the 2 teams were debating, and we took some pics. regarding the rules in sosmed  #"no pic = hoax"

we supported you all guys, we were outside waiting for you.

We lost on the first preliminary round,  but that's OK. it was the first time we had this kinda debating Competition. Bryan, Yurinda, Yona kept on thingking positively. But, I was a bit nervous since we were on the 20 position from 23 participants.

The Second preliminary round.

After taking a break for several minutes and having a very late lunch, the MC showed us some slides on power point.  He said that, it would be something crazy about the motions, about fantasy world. At the end of the slide he announced the impromptu/sudden motions, those are:
1. THW form a task force in ministry of defense and security which will be led by professor Xavier and Magneto
2. THW authorize a new regulation to allow all of medical staffs (included doctors and nurses) to wear ant man suit
3. THBT avra cadavra and curio are deadlyspell. thus its use are prohibited under no circumstances especially if it intended for muggles

Suddenly I heard all the participant yelled, screamed hysterically. I heard one direction song "crazy... crazy...... till i see the sun" linger in my mind.  
The MC said" think differently and creatively" for many times. OK its time to fight back dear! Our opponent was MAN 2 Madiun. 

The team chose the first motion. 

case building
The opponent team MAN 2 Madiun and the adjudicator
preparing for the "fantasy-world" battle

The battle!!!
A recap from Mr. Adi "This motion is totally crazy."

Yup this is totally crazy, but our team gave lots of  logical examples! Bryan gave a definition and limitation that's totally crazy. He brought the debate into a real fantasy world by allowing the minister of defense of Indonesia to have prof Xavier and Magneto in a team. Yurinda gave a brief explanation, arguments, opinion and rebuttal and also she did the POI (but the opponent refused). Yona gave the most craziest ever examples and she accepted the POI, and she answered it (good job girl!)
Yeah!!!! I couldn't show them how much I PROUD of you dear!! The team learned fast..... tooo fast, extremely fast. The team adopted the mechanism of ASIAN debate from the previous debate nicely. And they did it well.

The team won the second preliminary round. We were in the 11 rank now!
Slow but sure they create their own story!

The Third preliminary round.
Another three motions on the slide
1. THBT Nuclear weapon is an effective tool to prevent war
2. THW no longer allow police to shoot tear gas to the protesters in the time of riot
3. THW force journalist to reveal their news sources for investigation needs

And the opponent was SMA 6 Madiun. But I didn't take any pic in room 8, the third round.

These are some pics before the big 16 announcement. At that time we're just have fun. The team had done their best. and all of us had a very great smile.

we're all wet! it's rainy outside.

the pink debaters in action!

klik!!!! take apic

pink pink pink, K@nesma in pink

we're pink
And the MC started to announce the big 16. All of us try to find "SMK N 1 Magetan" at the bottom line, but we couldn't found any. Then, somebody yelled. "Bu kita ada di peringkat 9 buuuuu". dan semua mata memandang peringkat 9. Semua lega, semua bahagia, semua bersalaman. Waaahh bangganyaaa perjuangan kalian sungguh hebat. berjuang dari peringkat 20 ke peringkat 11 lalu ke peringkat 9. Dan kerennya lagi, masuk The big 16. Lanjut ke kompetisi kedua. Hari Minggu!

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